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12/04 VITA SUPRINITY® binnenkort beschikbaar bij Dental Design Centrum

VITA SUPRINITY - the new generation of glass ceramic
With the zirconia reinforced lithium silicate ceramic, in short ZLS, VITA
Zahnfabrik has developed a new generation of glass ceramic materials in
collaboration with Degudent GmbH and the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate
Research ISC.
The new glass ceramic is marketed by VITA Zahnfabrik under the name of VITA
SUPRINITY. With a zirconium dioxide content around ten times that of traditional
CAD/CAM glass ceramic in combination with a particularly fine-grained and
homogeneous structure, ZLS ensures excellent mechanical properties. The high
strength and reliability of the new material gives CAD/CAM practice and
laboratory users a wide range of possibilities for application.

VITA SUPRINITY is distinguished by its outstanding mechanical strength and is
also highly user-friendly. The new glass ceramic allows easy manual reworking
and excellent polishing, and can also be crystallized without auxiliary firing paste.
Furthermore, its optimum edge stability ensures improved precision. The end
results are esthetically impressive with their natural translucency, fluorescence
and opalescence. With a wide range of indications including anterior and
posterior crowns, supra-constructions on implants as well as veneers, inlays and
onlays, the new generation of glass ceramic is highly versatile. The material is
available in the geometries LS14 (18 x 14 x 12 mm) for the CEREC / inLab MC
XL system in the shades 0M1, A1, A2, A3.5, B2, C2 and D2, each in two different
degrees of translucency (T = Translucent, HT = High Translucent).

The VITA SUPRINITY Polishing Sets are recommended for the polishing of VITA
SUPRINTIY restorations. Shade characterization is possible with the new VITA
AKZENT Plus stains. The fine-structure feldspar ceramic VITA VM 11 was
developed especially for the individualization of restorations made of the new
glass ceramic.

The market introduction of VITA SUPRINITY, together with the
low-melting veneering ceramic and the special polishing instruments, is
scheduled for autumn 2013.